Marketing and after Sales Service :

Under the expert supervision of Mr. U.C.Jain, we have a team of marketing enginners to assist the client for working out specific process requirements and suggest an offer most appropriate for equipment technically & commercially.



B.E. (Instrumentation)

Experience - 20Yrs. in Technicality of Process Control Instruments.


Mr. Irfan Husain

B.E. (Mech)

Experience - 16 Years in Sales / marketing of Process Control Instruments.

We have our full fledged marketing office equipped with typewriters, Computer, Fax, Modems, Mobiles, phones and latest office equipments at Mumbai & Rajasthan.

After sales service of our equipments is personally monitored by Mr. U.C. Jain and to assist him we have a team of service engineers especially trained for this jobs.

Name of the key person are :

Mr. Geyaz

Mr. Irfan

Mr. K. Iyer.

Development Activities

The equipments falling under our scope is highly critical capital equipment and as such service oriented, we have therefore taken up series of long term measures in terms of developing our own friendly equipment in order to get uninterrupted and reliable service.

No. Component Stage Characteri
stic checked
Type of Check Quantum of Check Acceptance Norms. Format of Records
1. Plates,Sheets rods, Sqare Bars, Pipes M.S./C.S/S.S. Surface defects i.e. Pitting, Rolling Marks etc.and Thickness, Visual & Dimensional 100% As per requirement given in P.O. comparing with approved drgs., and/given Std. specf. Material Inspection Report.
2. Material as above except for pipes verification of mill Test Report. Mechanical & Chemical Properties, NBT Mill Test Report 100% -- Do -- Material Identification Report
3. Pipes Seamless or Welded C.S./S.S. mechanical & Chemical Properties Tensile / Flattering and chemical 100% A 106 IS 1239 Lab.T.C.
4. Casting / Forgings Surface Defects Dimensions Visual Dimensional 100% As per requirements comparing with approved drugs & given Std. specification. Material Inspection Report.
5. Casting / Forgings Mechanical & Chemical Properties, Ultrasonic,NBT. Physical & Chemical 100% -- Do -- Material Identification Report with Lab. T.C.
6. Fastners From reputedMafg. Visual Dimensional Sample As per requirement given in P.O. comparing with approved drgs., and/given Std. specf. Material Inspection Report.
7. Gasket, 'o' Ring Packing Material From Reputed Manufacturer Visual Dimensional 100% As per app. Drgs. Client Requirements. With Mrg. test Certificate
8. Glass Tubes & Sheets From Reputed Manufacturer -- Do -- 100% As per App. Drg/given Std. Specification Material Inspection Report
9. Magnets From Reputed Manufacturer -- Do -- 100% -- Do -- -- Do --
1. Procedure & Welder Suitability of Procedure & Welder Mechani-Majorcal Testing of Weld Test Coupon. 100% ASME Sec VIII & Sec IX PDR & Welder Qualificatiion Record.
2. Marking Templates, Flanges Profile Pipes, etc. Measurement 100% As per Approved Drg. of Manufacturer Internal Meno & Insp. Checking Report.
3. Identification Marked Material Checking Staping 100% -- Do -- -- Do --
4. Cutting -- Do -- Sizes 100% -- Do -- -- Do --
5. Machine & Step Transfer Dimensional Checkup Intermediate & Final & Step Transfer Dimensional 100% -- Do -- -- Do --
6. Set-up & Fitment of Nozzles ect. Dimensional & Conformity orientation Visual & Dimensional Major 100% As per apprd. Drg and std. Specification -- Do --
7. Welding Root urn welding & Welding Visual D.P. Test Major -- Do -- -- Do --.
8. Assembly -- Do -- -- Do -- 100% -- Do -- -- Do --
9. Testing Leak Tightness pneumatic Hydraulic Critical 100% No leak Drg. -- Do --
10. Painting & Cleaning Surface finished Special Visual 100% As per Apprd, Drg. of Mfg. -- Do --
11. Final Inspection after Painting A) Final Finish and Appearance
B)Completeness of Supply with spares & Access
C)Name Plate Data
D)Packing & Dispatching
Visual 100% Good Finish Final Release Note